Rightly Dividing

For my fellow co-workers in Arab and Muslim contexts, we need to discuss this…

In the article below (see link), the author makes reference to how one of the early Islamic commentators quoted directly from the Gospels (of an Arabic Bible) yet never once contextualized any of the terminologies of the Bible to islamicize them (see his second paragraph in this article).

Precision and accuracy are required in biblical interpretation, beyond all other enterprises, because the interpreter (and the missionary) is handling God’s Word. If/when we use translations and stories that islamicize Biblical names, concepts and terminologies, are we not making the Word of God a dhimmi to the Quran, hadiths and Islam in general?

We believe that “all Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.” But are we “rightly handling the word of truth” if we intentionally use Islam-specific terminology to teach the Truth?

Allah (of the Quran) is not akbar/greater (الله من القرآن مش أكبر).

Jesus/YHWH is akbar/greater than all other gods (يسوع المسيح أكبر).